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search whoissearch whois is in the domain business from the very beginning. We offer CHEAP but quality domain registrations with lots of free services. Our high technical expertise and fast implementation of the newest novelties in the branch earned us an honourable place in the domain business. Check yourself what we offer!

That's what you get for every domain:

  • Free Administration through our Web site. You can reconfigure your domains at any time in seconds.
  • Free Subdomains
  • Free URL Forwarding including Frame Forwarding. Have in mind that some domain registrars offer such services for a fee so that the effective price of you domain could double or even worse.
  • Free Email Addresses with a "Catch-all" Address, SPAM filtering and Email blocking
  • Free DNS Control
  • Free Status Notifications. We care for our customers and do our best to keep them away of trouble.
  • Free Support through our advanced form based system
  • No Setup Fees. We play honest - no later added fees or fees for additional features. You get everything in one incredibly low price.
  • And all this as low as $7.20/yr.

IDN domains at

domain name registration  

Did you hear about this exciting new feature? What are actually IDNs?
IDNs are Internationalised Domain Names, sometimes referred to as multi-lingual domain names, which contain characters from outside the standard ASCII character set (a-z, 0-9 and the hyphen). That's a new approach which allows you to register a domain name in your language whatever character set you use. There are 39 additional character sets available, supporting over 350 languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Russian and Greek.


However the handling of this feature requires additional expertise and it is not offered by all available domain companies. At we do our best to satisfy our customers. We support IDN registration completely or in other words we offer full IDN compatibility.

Our Registration Process is so simple:
1. You simply have to enter the name in its native format.
2. You must then specify the 'language' of the name you are trying to register by selecting it from the drop down menu.
You then follow the steps outlined on the page, just as you would for any other domain name.

What is punycode?
Punycode is a method by which non-ASCII characters used within IDNs, are converted into a format which uses only ASCII characters. This method allows an unique and reversible identification of the original domain. Punycode converted domain names are prefixed with 'xn--'.

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